Welcome to our FAQ section:

Is rocketry legal in Ireland..?

Yes it is. We 'Book' air space with the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) & we import 'motors' inline with the Dep. of Justice, Equality & Law Reform regulations.

What is the history of the amateur rocketry in Ireland..?

In late 2006, Ash McFadden & Colin Fitzsimons started Irish Rocketry to find & help other people interested in rocketry. In 2007 Eric Stenzel came on board & in 2008 we had become affiliated with Tripoli Rocketry Association. Then in April 2009 we had our 1st. annual Tripoli Ireland launch in Tuam Co. Galway.

How high do they go..?

This depends on the weight of the rocket & the impulse (power) of the motor. The lighter the rocket & the more power the motor the higher it goes. Some only fly to afew feet off the launch pad, others can reach about 100Kfeet, which is about 30Km up.

Where can I get motors..?

If you want to fly rockets in Ireland, just turn up at one of the events & we can sort you out with the type of motors that are needed for your rocket.

What about home made motors, are they legal..?

No! They are also dangerous.

Where can I fly rockets..?

Rockets are flown in Dongel & Tuam - We are looking for other launch sites around the country, so if you know of any please let us know here.

Can I design/build my own rocket..?

Yes, RockSim & Spacecad are 2 of the more popular tools that are used by many people to design there rockets.

What are the rockets made from..?

There are several different types of materials that can be used to make rockets. Phonic, Bluebubes, fiberglass, carbon fiber are a few examples.

Can I buy rockets over the internet..?

Yes, kits can be purchased via the internet. (see our links page) Kits are also a great way to start in to rocketry with full instructions on how to make the rocket.

Can you put a payload into the rockets..?

Electronics like altimeters, accelerometers, or even cameras with live video back to earth are the most common types of payloads that are used in amateur rocketry.