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Rockets And Things
Rockets & Things stocks: Cesaroni Technology high power rocket motors (Pro38 to Pro98), LOC Precision, Public Missiles Ltd (PML), The Launch Pad, Aerotech rocket kits, Aerotech motors and casings, Dr Rocket, Estes, Quest, Apogee, Perfect Flight.

Rocket Store (
Rocket Store stocks: Rocket kits and components from Aerotech, PML, LOC Precision, Estes, Quest and Squirrel Works, as well as a full range of accessories including Top Flight Recovery systems.

Public Missiles
Public Missiles stocks: High power rocket kits and components.

Apogee Rockets
Low power kits and motors, books, supplies, design and simulation software.


The United Kingdom Rocketry Association
The United Kingdom Rocketry Association (UKRA) represents high power, mid power, model and amateur/experimental rocketry in the United Kingdom. UKRA is also the specialist body to the BMFA with responsibilities for High Power Rocketry.

Tripoli is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement and operation of amateur high power rocketry. Our members are drawn from the United States and 22 additional countries across the globe.

The East Anglian Rocketry Society
The East Anglian Rocketry Society attracts rocket flyers from all over the UK to attend monthly launches from our launch site at Elsworth, near Cambridge.