Getting Started:

Rocketry is relatively new to Ireland. There are several different types of rocketry.

1. Model Rocketry     2. High Power Rocketry     3. Experimental Rocketry.

Model rocketry is a great place to start before moving on to high power or experimental rockets. Here you can learn about the way rockets are constructed, fly & are recovered after flight. Model rockets are simple in construction as well as limited in the amount of power the motor provides. Getting started in rocketry is very easy.

Estes starter kits are a great starting point, along with a big field.


The kit should include:
* Rocket.
* Launch Pad.
* Launch Controller.
* Rocket Motors (Depends on the starter kit, some do not include motors).
* Recovery Wadding (Looks like toilet paper) or a Nomex Firewall (Fireproof material).

Some assembly will be required for various parts of the kit, but this will only take about an hour before you are ready to launch your new hobby into orbit.

Below is the profile of a typical Rockets Flight: